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Crop Guardian

Changing the way you manage your crops 

Crop Guardian gives you the power to access your crops health - in real - time from anywhere, on any device. Crop Guardian will help you make decisions to boost crop production and ensure your yield is at its peak. You have the power of big data and Artificial Intelligence in the palm of your hand with a easy-to-use interface. Let us change the way you see your crops.

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Frost Monitoring


Detect frost inversions, find cold pockets or dams and integrate with leaf-wetness sensors.

Leaf Wetness Monitoring

Leaf Wetness

The leaf wetness sensor measures the amount of surface moisture on the foliage. It captures information on precipitation, dew, frost and rime. The sensor measures wetness on a scale of 0-100. At this scale 0 means dry leaves and 100 represents continuous moisture.

Soil Moisture Monitoring


Monitoring Soil Moisture changes allow for accurate irrigation.  

Soil Temperature Monitoring


Crop Guardian monitors soil temperature, when conditions are a concern, alerts are sent immediately via voice call, email or text messaging.

Decreased yield loss

Yield Loss

Our real-time disease related information helps Crop Guardian users to prevent serious yield loss. Detect frost inversions, find cold pockets or dams and integrate with leaf-wetness sensors. Set alerts and thresholds for frost event triggers.

Less chemicals


Our clients can optimize their chemical use. Apart from pesticide use, related costs may include water, fuel and working hours as well.

Decreased travel costs

Travel Costs

Remote data access helps Crop Guardian users to monitor their orchard, crop or vineyard remotely, with computer or mobile devices. Getting insight into the orchard, crop or vineyard condition without having to travel between the headquarters and the parcels might reduce traveling costs as well.

Less Pesticide Residue

Pesticide Residue

Be more green and organic! Less pesticide residue in the end product could be a great marketing advantage that you can refer to in your communications.

Less work hours

Less Work

Due to the data available online there is a decrease in work hours needed for plant protection activities. With its precision sensors, Crop Guardian was designed to monitor microclimates providing users with the most accurate data.