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Forest Guardian

The FWI System is one of the most comprehensive forest fire danger rating systems in North America, and it is backed by several decades of forestry research.


The FWI System is comprised of six components: three fuel codes and three fire indexes. The three fuel codes represent the moisture content of the organic soil layers of the forest floor, whereas the three fire indexes describe the behavior of fire. By analyzing data collected from forestry research, the FWI System can be used to meet the goals of a wireless sensor network designed for forest fire detection. This system can provide various degrees of coverage for different areas of the forest, and thus can achieve higher detection accuracy in important areas such as near residential or industrial neighborhoods. The system is managed via a secure website. Sensors' locations are overlaid on a satellite image and shown as a small balloon icon. Clicking on the balloon icon shows the sensor's last readings, date time, and its location.

Wireless Sensors

Sensors wake up every 5 minutes and take readings, Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, and Light reading. The data is routed via a wireless sensor network to a central point connected to the internet. This information is then analyzed and recorded on our website. When extreme conditions are detected by any sensor a notification is sent out by email and text messaging. The notification message displays the GPS coordinates of the sensor's location allowing for firefighting crews to quickly pinpoint the location of any forest fires.