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Soil Moisture

Our high frequency soil moisture sensor probes enable precise low cost monitoring of soil water content. Because our probe measures the dielectric constant of the soil using transmission line techniques, it is insensitive to water salinity, and will not corrode over time as does conductivity based probes. Our probes are small, rugged, and low power. 
Compared to other low cost sensor such as gypsum block sensors, our probes offer a rapid response time.  They can be inserted and take an accurate reading in under 1 second.


  • Irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Moisture monitoring of bulk foods
  • Rain and weather monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Water conservation applications
  • Fluid level measurements


  • Extreme low cost with volume pricing
  • Not conductivity based
  • Insensitive to salinity
  • Probe does not corrode over time
  • Rugged design for long term use
  • Small size
  • Consumes less than 7mA for very low power operation
  • Precise measurement
  • Measures volumetric water content (VWC) using (Frequency Domain Reflectometry)
  • Output Voltage is proportional to moisture level
  • Can be buried and is water proof
  • Probe is long and slender for wider use, including smaller potted plants

All Sensors work with our STS-Node, allowing for easy connection to our IoT Platform.

Soil Moisture